Private Groups

Group Thai Cooking Class

Group Thai Cooking Class

A private Thai cooking class at SITCA can be a great bonding experience. The minimum number is 10. With greater numbers some will cook first while the others are taught preparation, then you will change places. Please don’t ask for a discount, teaching large groups is highly labor intensive.

To maximize the chance that one of our sessions will be available for your private booking, we suggest that you confirm at least one month in advance. A non refundable deposit equal to 50% of the total amount will secure your reservation.

We can accommodate most dietary restrictions by substituting ingredients for students who do not eat meat and/or fish. Any restrictions should be made known to our receptionist a day or two before your participation.


Lunchtime Thai Cooking Class / Time: 11:00 am / Cost: 1,850 baht per person.

Dinnertime Thai Cooking Class / Time: 4:00 pm / Cost: 1,850 baht per person

To choose a menu and make full payment in advance please choose Request a Booking from the menu at the top of the page. Or contact us to arrange a deposit.