Thai Cooking Classes

Welcome to the Samui Institute of Thai Culinary Arts, established in 1999. Please watch the video introduction below to see how we conduct our cooking classes in our purpose built teaching kitchens. You’ll also get a look at our fruit and vegetable carving classes, and learn about our intensive training programs, in which professional chefs from over 40 countries have learned the nuances of authentic Thai cooking.

Choose from 12 Menus

SITCA’s menus change for every day of the week Monday through Saturday, and almost all our recipes can be adapted for non meat eaters and those with allergies or other dietary restrictions.

The meal follows immediately after class and the fruits of your labors will be some of the most sumptuous Thai food you will have in Thailand. Students who participate in 3 or more classes receive a certificate of achievement.

Morning Thai Cooking Class • 11:00 am • Cost: 1,850 baht per person
Afternoon Thai Cooking Class • 4:00 pm • Cost: 1,850 baht per person

There is a 250 baht per person charge for each guest you bring to the after class meal.

To see our daily menus and make a reservation please choose Request a Booking at the top of this page.

For information about our 6 day Thai Cuisine Immersion and 12 day Training for Professionals programs choose Intensive Training from the top of this page.

Groups at SITCA

Colleagues, friends, families, and wedding parties can organize a private experience for their group. The minimum number required is 10. For more information choose Request a Booking > Private Groups from the menu at the top of this page.

Children at SITCA

We love exposing children to the joys of cooking Thai food. Before you book a place for your child, please bear in mind that class is two and a half hours long, and that in addition to the marvelous hands-on chopping, mixing and cooking involved, there is a lot of explanation.

We know there are youngsters who are practiced in the safe use of kitchen knives, but some of ours are pretty large. Use of them by young children is not recommended.

We think kids 8-11 are best off watching their parents take part, and we’re okay with that! We prefer that children under 8 do not enter the teaching areas, so if both parents will be taking part, we suggest you contact your hotel about their sitting service.